———- Chris Kousagan —————————————————————

I have been an AcuHealth patient for years. Dr. Mike and his staff have helped me recover from two car accidents as well as the aches and pains of getting older. I strongly recommend AcuHealth to anyone that is looking for quality care and long term pain relief. The entire staff is very professional and courteous.

———- Rachel —————————————————————————-

The only chiropractor I will go to.  My first experience with a chiropractor was painful.  My husband convinced me to come to Dr. Mike, I explained how painful my first experience with a different chiropractor was.  Dr. Mike listened to my concerns and used appropriate pain-free methods on me.  My husband and I travel an hour and a half to come to Dr. Mike because he and his awesome staff are great at what they do.  He also showed my husband some things to do to help me between visits, knowing we travel so far, that were easy to perform and very effective in helping my lower back pain.

I definitely recommend Dr. Mike and staff.  They’re caring, supportive, and affordable!

———- Bernice  —————————————————————————

I was referred to Dr. Mike by my former chiropractor when he relocated to another state.  Dr. Mike and his team are always professional and personable.  I try to refer people to the office.

———- Pam Mehan ———————————————————————-

This was my first time to do The Standard Process 21-Day Purification Program.  I had a hard time at first,  I called the office of Dr. Mike and got lots of support and information.  I learned about myself and about all the fruits and vegetables and how to eat healthy.  It truly was a great learning experience for me.  I am happy to say that my A1C went from 7.2 to 6.7, I am very happy about that.  I want to thank Kathy, Liane and Dr. Mike for all their help and support during this process, without them I couldn’t have made it.  Thank You!!!!!

———- Brian Foust ———————————————————————-

Dr. Mike was referred to me by my wife about 14 years ago when we relocated to Columbus from Chicago. I’ve had on and off again back pain since I was a teenager due to scoliosis. (not to mention a recent car accident that made things worse).

I’ve seen Chiropractors in N. Ohio, N. California, and Chicago. I believe Dr. Mike is not only the best Chiropractor I’ve ever been to but a great person. He genuinely cares about each patient. More importantly, he produces positive results.

His staff led by Cathy is always friendly, professional, and willing to help. I would (and have) recommended Dr. Mike to friends and family.

———- John Gilbert ———————————————————————-

The most awesome Dr. ever. Was rear-ended a year ago and was in bad shape. Dr. Mike proved to me that a good Dr who really cares about the well-being of his patients and gets to know them, well, that equals a great Dr. He also treats my wife, who has scoliosis, and our son, who is currently a college pitcher. Again, Dr. Mike and his wonderful staff are the greatest. We will never go to anyone else.

———- David Barrett  –———————————————————————

I suffered great pain in my left knee for several years.  If driving or riding in the car on any trip of one hour or more, I would need to stop periodically, get out and walk around to help lessen the pain.  I also fly a lot as part of my job.  Sitting on an airplane was almost unbearable.  After undergoing acupuncture treatments by Dr. Mike McGough, the knee pain is gone!  He has helped other members of my family with both chiropractic and acupuncture treatments, all without expensive drugs and the side effects accompanying prescription and over the counter treatments.

—– Susan Hixson  –———————————————————————

I always receive competent, professional and kind care when I visit Dr. Mike and his staff at AcuHealth.

—– Ruthie Slone  ————————————————————————-

Dr. Mike is an exceptional practitioner, and we highly recommend him to anyone seeking a caring and compassionate chiropractor. The staff at AcuHealth is professional and friendly. We love AcuHealth Chiropractic and Wellness Center – The Slone Family

—– Lynn   ———————————————————————————–

Wonderful doctor and staff!  I highly recommend them to everyone!!!!!

—– Cherish   ——————————————————————————

This is the best chiropractic office in Columbus Ohio. Every time I come to AccuHealth the atmosphere is so peaceful and serene. Plus it always smells good. Mike is a great person that knows what he is doing and his staff is great.

—– Sharla White   ————————————————————————

I am so glad that I can call and even come in the same day to get help when I am in pain. Everyone here is so caring and polite and Dr. Mike really listens when I talk to him. The medical treatment combined with the kindness of everyone here make this a better place to come for help than other places are.

—– Melaina Grubich  ——————————————————————–

I’ve known Dr Mike over 15 years, have been a customer for that time and have had my children seeing him  from age 6 as well. My kids love seeing him as he is sincere, open, honest and always gives helpful direction as needed, whether sports related, general growth and development, besides auto accidents or chronic joint issues.
He told us to see the chiropractor monthly just as u see the dentist every six months, and it’s worked. I continue to be a floor nurse after 30 years thanks to having my hip adjusted monthly to maintain placement and function. He has made special arrangements as needed to accommodate service, especially after auto accidents. Dr Mike is the best!!

—– Suzanne Griffin  —————————————————————-

I love coming to AcuHealth; Dr. Mike, Kathy, and Selena are great. Dr Mike is so down to earth, friendly, and helpful. He listens with care and concern. I have come to him for years. I have a chronic nerve condition with full body inflammation. The pain varies in intensity and times of the year. Dr Mike is very understanding and helps me improve each time. Kathy always greets me with a smile and asks sincerely, “How are things going?” I would recommend Dr. Mike and his office staff to anyone. Thanks for the opportunity to express my appreciation.

—– Tim Cooper  ———————————————————————

Unfortunately, I have had 4 auto accidents over a 20 month time period. Dr. Mike and his staff each and every occurrence helped me recover from severe back and neck damage and I can say I trust them fully. I highly recommend you try their chiropractor services.