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Auto Accident

Neck and other injuries from car accidents is a very common type of problem that is treated by chiropractors. Many times a car accident is referred into our office by a hospital, medical doctor, lawyer or another patient. The mechanism of how the car accident occurred is important to note as vehicles can meet on the road in many different directions! Once the variables are figured out we can best determine the patient’s problems and begin to treat them accordingly.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation in Columbus Ohio, there were over 300,000 car accidents annually in Ohio. Car accidents are a big cause of concern because if not properly treated the effects can last a lifetime.  Scar tissue can start to form within 72 hours of a whiplash injury.  An impact from a car traveling only 5 mph can cause damage to the cervical spine. 

Proper treatment includes restoring normal function of the spine, joints, and soft tissues that surround the spine such as ligaments and muscles. Once the normal function is restored the body can begin to heal to the best of it’s ability. Chiropractors are trained to accomplish this task in the shortest amount of time possible and get you back into life. call 614-475-2992 for a consultation with our doctor Today!