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Workers Compensation Injuries

man-carrying-boxAnother common type we treat are work related injuries. There are so many ways to hurt yourself on the job we won’t get into all of them.

The ones we see in this office are involving the spine and other joints of the body. We often receive referrals from hospitals, medical doctors or employers to treat employees that have been hurt on the job in the Columbus Ohio area.

If you work for a business in Ohio you are covered under Workers Compensation. We are a certified provider to treat injuries arising from your job.

Call the office  at 614-475-2992 to be seen by our doctor. Same day appointments are available.


Injuries Around the House

man-falling-01Problems in the spine and joints are a common occurrence from accidents around the house. Here in Columbus and Westerville Ohio we get our fair share of injuries from shoveling snow, gardening, carrying groceries, falls down stairs or at a football tailgate party.

There are so many variables due to the different factors of causation that if you have a nagging injury that doesn’t go away, call us for a consultation with Dr. Mike to see if he can help you.

Grading an Injury

There are generally 2 different types of problems that occur when it comes to ligaments and muscles. A damaged muscle is called a strain, and a damaged ligament is called a sprain.

There are 3 types of grades for a sprain or strain.

A Grade 1 sprain/strain of the muscle or ligament is stretched beyond its normal length. It becomes swollen, painful, and possibly warm to the touch due to inflammation. There may be slight tearing of a portion of the involved tissue. These are well treated with chiropractic care.

A Grade 2  sprain or strain usually accompanies swelling, pain and heat as in a grade 1, but a grade 2 is more severe in that there is certainly partial tearing of the muscles or ligaments involved. These are also well treated with conservative chiropractic care.

A Grade 3 has all the components of a grade 2 but there is full tearing of the muscle or ligament so there is now joint instability. A grade 3 sprain or strain must be repaired surgically.

Prevention of Injuries

There are many good ways you can prevent problems or at least reduce their effect on your body by following these steps.

Get Regular Chiropractic Care! This will help your spine and joints to be more flexible and less prone to getting hurt in the first place.

Stretch! check here for neck stretches and here for low back stretches. Remember to check with Dr. Mike before competing.

Stay Hydrated! Keeping well hydrated helps to keep your soft tissues flexible. Drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily. Take Joint Supplements! They will help to give your body what it needs to maintain healthy soft tissues. For questions on what to take call our office at 614-475-2992

Old Injuries

Old problems that never receive proper care are an all to common occurrence. When old problems are not corrected the joints involved begin a process of decay called osteoarthritis. Science tells us that when a joint is damaged, it will produce scar tissue if it is left misaligned and stiff.

There are then 3 stages that a joint goes through on its way to destruction if left to heal incorrectly. To see how a joint is damaged by osteoarthritis Click Here. You will view how a neck breaks down over time with arthritis when left untreated.