Severe Neck Pain РAcuHealth Chiropractic Columbus Ohio.

Do you suffer from severe neck pain?

Severe neck pain can have many causes. Some are easy to take care of and others require medical intervention.

The first thing to consider is the mechanism of injury. Was there a traumatic event such as a car accident or fall that started the pain?

Is the pain radiating or traveling into the shoulders, elbow, wrist or hand?

If these events are occurring I would recommend that you get to a hospital right away and be sure that your case does not require medical intervention. If not your next step may be to explore the possible causes of neck pain. If you must go to the hospital, after you have been evaluated and released, the next step is to have a chiropractic evaluation to determine if there is a biomechanical component of your severe neck pain that can be helped with conservative care.

In many cases, the chiropractic adjustment with home care such as ice, heat, pain relieving balm and home exercises can help get you through the acute phase of the injury in a very timely manner and on with your life.

In some cases your medical doctor will work with your chiropractor to manage your problem while a biomechanical distortion is corrected. This will assure that your time spent on medications for your problem is kept to a minimum.